ADI PERÚ: 2018 Trends of Real Estate Sector

According to the Real Estate Developers Association of Perú (ADI Perú in Spanish), the sale of apartments for this year could expand in 20%. The El optimismis because of a slight recovery of the housing sector that could mark a trend along this year.

On January, a total of 900 building units were sold. And in this same month of last Year, instead, they were 790 apartments. I mean, during the first month of 2018 the sector had a growth of 13,92%. A good way to see the future.

The Housing, Construction and Sanitation Ministry informed that in January 480 social housing were sold (Building units that won’t exceed the S/ 300,000). In the other hand, various actions have been approved, as the use of the AFP savings for paying the initial quota of the mortgage credit, the inverse mortgages, the apartment renting subsidies, the rate facilities for acquisition of a second house, among others. All this would suppose an increase in the real estate offer.